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More on Colorado Cornelius


As long as someone will throw a ball for him, he is happy!   He is the most loyal and loving dog I have ever had, and I have had many.  When I wake up in the middle of the night and go down the hall to the kitchen he always comes with me, no matter what time it is.  When I can’t see to find my way back to the bedroom he comes right up next to me so I can feel his back and he leads me back to the bedroom.  He has never been trained as a service dog, but he most definitely has it in him to be one. 


Colorado has adopted three baby kittens since I got him. One of them was an infant with its eyes still closed and Colorado stimulated it after every feeding so he would go to the bathroom.  He was very protective of that kitty.  I knew he would be the kind of dog that would make great puppies and be a wonderful Dad. 


When Calista went into labor Colorado delivered eleven of the twelve puppies (he missed the first one being born). He pulled each puppy from Calista, removed the sac from the puppy’s mouths and then gave the puppy to Calista.   He then cleaned Calista up and waited for the next puppy.  He continues to stimulate the puppies and cleans them up.  He is an awesome dog!  If his puppies turn out like him, there will be many satisfied labradoodle owners.  He is very obedient.  When I call him he comes running.  I thank God every day for Colorado.  I’m blessed to have him!

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