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About Star Studded Doodles


     Labradoodles make great pets because they have the non-allergenic, low or non-shedding coat of a poodle and have the loyalty of a Labrador, which are wonderful traits for a family pet.  They are very smart and love to please their owners.  They are also tender hearted.  They are good with children and other animals and are easily adaptable.  They do need adequate exercise to stay healthy and fit.  Give them a ball and they are usually quite content.  A kind word, a pat on the head and a hug make for a happy doodle. 


   We are a small breeding family with just four females and two male parent dogs.  We offer  multi-generational Labradoodles. 

  Labradoodles coats can be straight, wavy or curly.  The amount of care required, depends on the type of coat preference you have.


 The multi-generational puppies will be phantoms, sables, brindles or parti’s, as I am breeding for a phantom line of puppies.  These puppies will probably be in the 40 to 55 pound range.   Their coats will be non-allergenic, non-shedding and probably pretty fluffy.  They will probably be more wavy than curly but will be easy to groom. Like all dogs, they should be brushed to keep their coats healthy and mat free.    


   Our Doodle parents were selected for healthiness, conformation, and disposition and should pass these traits onto their puppies.   All of our dogs have been trained and continue to learn throughout their lives.  I believe that indoor dogs that have constant interaction with people just end up being extremely smart. 


   Our farm is two and a half acres completely fenced in and is an oasis for the dogs. When the puppies are old enough, they have free run of the yard at the farm.   They have a good sized pond which they swim in constantly.   Doodles love to be outdoors where they can bark at the birds and squirrels.  They are allowed inside whenever they want but at night they are kept in the home.  The parent dogs are obedience trained, and house broken.  All puppies will be acquainted with brushing and baths.  They will also be started with housebreaking, crate training and leash walking.  They will come to their new homes with up to date shots and worming as well as tips on training and nutritional information.




A Good Home
We make sure our star puppy parents will have what it takes to provide a safe, loving home for the puppies.
Fill out our  Puppy Application!

Care Guide
You will be given a set of care instructions and a list of the best products needed to care for your new labradoodle puppy. See our
Care Guide.

Star Accesories
You will receive a star studded leash, colllar, care guide, and a supply of puppy food when you take your puppy home!

See Pet Accessories

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