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Star Parents

& Future Star Parents


Colorado Cornelius

I got Colorado when he was sixteen weeks old.  He was Hershey brown with a white chest.  He is three years old now and has since changed in color.  He is now what is considered lavender.  His back is rust and gold and his feet and muzzle are blonde. The blonde coloring looks lavender. He is an F1 labradoodle, which means he comes from a poodle and a Labrador.  He is considered a first generation labradoodle.  He is a very handsome boy.  Colorado has great conformation.  He is tall and blocky and weighs 78 pounds.  He is energetic and playful.  

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Calista Calais (RETIRED)

I got Calista when she was twelve weeks old.  She is an AKC registered standard apricot poodle. She comes from the Royal line of poodles, which means she is taller than the standard. She is 24 inches tall at the withers and weighs 74 pounds. Calista is very regal and affectionate and always wants to be loved. She likes to have her family around.  She is friendly to every person she has ever met and to all animals. She had adopted three baby kitties before she became a mom herself and was constantly cleaning them and stimulating them to go to the bathroom. She loves to play ball and swim in the pond.   Calista is a joy. I call her my high maintenance woman (she is a poodle afterall).  Calista has been retired. She had four wonderful litters of gorgeous puppies.  She is now living the life of leisure!


Farmer Phantom

Farmer is my male stud for my phantom line of puppies. He is a  multi-generational labradoodle. He has a blocky build with an adorable face and wonderful phantom markings.  He was a black and tan phantom color as a puppy but has changed to a cinnamon silver and tan phantom as he has aged.  He has an extremely soft curly coat that is hypo-allergenic and does not shed.  He weighs 78 pounds.  He is extremely smart, loves attention and has turned out to be a very good guard dog.  He also loves to play and enjoys swimming in the pond.

Fantasy Phantom

Fantasy is one of my female breeders for my phantom line of puppies. She is a multi-generational labradoodle.  Fantasy has very well defined black and tan phantom markings.  Her mother is a red and gold phantom and her father is a cream and black phantom.  She produces wonderful phantom puppies, but a;ways has small litters.   Fantasy is very outgoing, athletic and curious.  She has picked up on commands easily and is quite smart.  She is very sociable.  She loves to be loved.  Fantasy enjoys swimming, jumping, chasing squirrels and playing.  She also really enjoys cats, kittens and puppies.  Fantasy is in the 40 pound range. 

Cali Country


Cali is one of my breeding females for my  phantom line of puppies.  She is a multi-generational Labradoodle.  She has a blocky build and very unique silver and cream phantom markings.  She has an extremely soft, non-shedding hypo-allergenic coat.  She is in the 40 - 45 pound range.  Cali is incredibly lovable.  She enjoys being around people. She loves to swim and went right in over her head the first time she went to the pond.

Cody Calhoun


Cody is one of my studs for my phantom line of puppies.  He is an F1 Labradoodle.  He has a blocky build and gorgeous chocolate and cream phantom markings.  He has a non-shedding hypo-allergenic coat.  He weighs 92 pounds .  Cody is super  lovable.  He enjoys being around all the other animals but especially people. He loves to swim and really enjoys the pond.  Cody is a true gem.  He is one of the sweetest Labradoodles I have ever met.  Just a true blue guy!!!

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